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Private Dental Charges at Passage House Dental Care

Competitive prices without compromising on quality or care.

Because price is at times a real issue when undertaking essential or cosmetic dental care we pride ourselves on our ability to hold extremely competitive fees without compromising on quality or care.

We are a private and NHS practice.  A summary of our private dental charges are listed below.  We will discuss the fees in detail before any treatment commences.

Payment is required after each treatment session. Final payment is due on arrival at the practice before the last treatment takes place.

0% Finance: We now offer 0% finance using Medenta. Please click here for further information.

(Passage House Dental Care is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)

Oral Health Examination
Regular Examination   £24
Over 24 month Examination   £35
New Patient Examination (includes small x-ray)   £55
Emergency pain relief   £80
Small radiograph   £8
Full mouth panoral   £35
Preventive Dentistry
Regular check up with scaling   £44
Simple scale and polish   £30
Hygienist (scaling/periodontal treatment) 20 Mins £39
  30 Mins £56
  40 Mins £75
  1 Hour £100
Porcelain   £395
Ceramic   £425
Composite from £175
Root fillings
Incisor   £250
Premolar   £300
Molar   £350
Tooth Whitening
Home whitening   £350
Internal single tooth from £150
Mouthguard from £65
IV Sedation   
IV Sedation Per session, from £175
Specialist Orthodontist - Child
Non NHS Fixed braces (upper and lower arch)
Metal brackets from £1650
Ceramic from £2150
Bonded retainer from £150
Specialist Orthodontist - Adult
Private upper and lower arch (Single arch fees per case)
Full assessment   £100
Ceramic Brackets   £3500
Upper lingual lower ceramic   £4500
Upper and lower lingual from £5550
Invisalign from £4200
Other Orthodontics
Six Month Smiles (short term cosmetic orthodontics)
Single arch from £1850
Both arches from £2850
Clear aligners from £1850
Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry
Fillings - Amalgam small - from £45
  medium - from £75
  large - from £90-£140
Fillings - White small - from £45
  medium - from £75
  large - from £90-£160
Pin retention or amalgam bonding £15
Tooth recontouring from £70
Gold £450
Porcelain with metal £410
Ceramic from £400-£495
Fixed - Porcelain and metal substructure £350/unit
Fixed - Ceramic, Zirconia from £400/unit
Resin bonded from £450/unit
Full denture from £550
Upper and lower from £650-£1200
Partial Acrylic denture from £300-£600
Metal chrome denture from £650-£1100
Surgical Dentistry
Routine tooth removal £70
Complex tooth removal from £95
Surgical root treatment from £195
Dental Implants
Single tooth including crown and treatment planning and x-rays £2050
Multiple implants price per case, Bone grafting additional fee Price per case
Implant supported dentures (depends on number of implants and attachtment method) from £3850
Smile Design
Fee per case  
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