Membership Plan Fee Guide

At Passage House Dental Care we understand that patients want a choice.

That’s why we offer different services to cater for individuals.

From Private Pay as You Go, to a Practice Membership Plan to NHS.

Our Practice Membership Plan* offers you a safe way to budget for your annual private check-ups, encourages regular attendance whilst giving you the fantastic benefit of discounts on many of our treatment fees, as well as being part of a Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme. All for just £8.85 per month*

Have a look at our Fee Guide below. The last two columns detail the guide price/discounts for Practice Membership Plan members.
*For more information or to join, just email, call 0117 9503141 or ask at your next visit.

Standard Fee
Practice Member Fee
20% Saving
Standard FeePractice Member Fee20% Saving (Practice Members)
Consultations, Radiographs and Prevention
New Patient examination (including 2 radiographs)£75.00
Routine Oral health examination with scaling£48.50Inclusive
Routine Oral health examination£38.00Inclusive
Emergency pain relief£95.00N/A
Small x-ray x1£10.00Inclusive
Each Additional x-ray£8.00Inclusive
Panoral x-rays£45.00Inclusive
Hygienist and periodontal (Gum) treatments
Scale & Polish (visit with Dentist)£39.00N/A
Scale & Polish (visit with Hygienist)£39.00N/A
Additional Scale & Polish appointments (not covered on plan)£39.00N/A
Hygienist 1st Visit or per 30min£56.00N/A
Hygienist 1st Visit or per 30min£56.00N/A
Hygienist, periodontal treatment per 40min£75.00N/A
Restorations (eg. Fillings)
Silver Amalgam Fillings – Small£75.00£60.00£15.00
Silver Amalgam Fillings – Medium£93.75£75.00£18.75
Silver Amalgam Fillings – Large£131.25£105.00£26.25
Tooth Coloured Fillings – Small£75.00£60.00£15.00
Tooth Coloured Fillings – Medium£112.50£90.00£22.50
Tooth Coloured Fillings – Large£150.00£120.00£30.00
Pin Retention£10.00£8.00£2.00
Post Retention for fillings£45.00£36.00£9.00
Endodontics – Root Canal Treatments (includes instrument fees)
Extractions – Simple/planned£112.50£90.00£22.50
Emergency extraction£168.75£135.00£33.75
Extractions Surgical£225.00£180.00£45.00
Multiple extractions or very loose teethfee on time basis(Member discount will apply)
20% Discount
(Member discount will apply)
20% Discount
Porcelain Bonded Crown£493.75£395.00£98.75
Ceramic crown (Zirconia)£525.00£420.00£105.00
Gold crown£518.75£415.00£103.75
Refixing Crown (may require further retention – additional fee)£35.00£28.00£7.00
Post retention (Cast metal or Fibre)£65.00£52.00£13.00
Resin bonded bridge (one wing)£468.75£375.00£93.75
Resin bonded bridge (two wing)£531.25£425.00£106.25
Fixed bonded bridge 2unit£812.50£650.00£162.50
Fixed bonded bridge 3unit£1062.50£850.00£212.50
Ceramic-metal free fixed bridge per unit (tooth)£450.00£360.00£90.00
Veneers/ Inlays
Porcelain/ Ceramic Veneer£481.00£325.00£96.00
Refixing Veneer£45.00£36.00£9.00
Gold Inlay from –size dependent£325.00£255.00£70.00
Ceramic/ Composite Inlay from –size dependent£295.00£236.00£59.00
Full/Full Acrylic£943.75£755.00£188.75
Full upper or lower denture£625.00£500.00£125.00
Partial Dentures 1 – 6 teeth£525.00£420.00£105.00
Partial Dentures 6 or more teeth£600.00£480.00£120.00
Addition on tooth to existing dentures£60.00£48.00£12.00
Addition on clasp£60.00£48.00£12.00
Reline on denture (per denture)£130.00£104.00£26.00
Adjustment of DentureFreeFree
Chrome Cobalt Dentures
Partial Dentures 1 – 6 teeth£875.00£700.00£175.00
Partial Dentures 6 or more teeth£950.00£760.00£190.00
Study Models£20.00£16.00£4.00
Cosmetic lab wax up£225.00£180.00£45.00
Professional Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening£350.00£280.00£70.00
Top up kits£70.00£280.00£70.00
Internal single tooth£185.00£148.00£37.00
Gum Shields (sports)£83.00£66.00£17.00
Sleeping Apnoea or night-grinding appliance from£250.00N/AN/A
Sedation (Intravenous)
Per Session£200.00N/AN/A
Dental Implants
Single tooth including implant, crown and radiographs£2100.00N/AN/A
Bone Grafting (GBR)£350.00N/AN/A
Multiple teeth / implant supported denturespriced per caseN/AN/A
Orthodontics – Braces
Non NHS Child fixed braces (upper and lower arch)
Metal Brackets£1650.00N/A
Ceramic (tooth coloured) from£2150.00N/A
Bonded Retainer from£150.00N/A
Specialist Orthodontics – Adult (upper and lower arch)
Full Assessment£100.00N/A
Ceramic Brackets£3500.00N/A
Upper Lingual (behind teeth) lower Ceramic£4500.00N/A
Upper and lower lingual from£5550.00N/A
Invisalign from£4200.00N/A
Six Month Smiles from£1950.00N/A

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