Private Pay As You Go Fee Guide

At Passage House Dental Care we understand that patients want a choice. That’s why we offer different services to cater for individuals. From Private Pay as You Go, to a Practice Membership Plan to NHS.

Our Private Pay as you Go service offers you a quick and easy way to access private dental treatment whenever you want it. All you have to do is pay as you go! No monthly fees. Simple and Easy.

Have a look at our fee guide page, the first fee column details the Private Pay as you Go fee guide. You won’t have access to the Practice Membership Plan discounts available on some treatments.

If you would like details on any of the services we offer, please email, call 0117 950 3141 or visit our reception.

Standard Fee
Practice Member Fee
20% Saving
Standard FeePractice Member Fee20% Saving (Practice Members)
Consultations, Radiographs and Prevention
New Patient examination (including 2 radiographs)£75.00
Routine Oral health examination with scaling£48.50Inclusive
Routine Oral health examination£38.00Inclusive
Emergency pain relief£95.00N/A
Small x-ray x1£10.00Inclusive
Each Additional x-ray£8.00Inclusive
Panoral x-rays£45.00Inclusive
Hygienist and periodontal (Gum) treatments
Scale & Polish (visit with Dentist)£39.00N/A
Scale & Polish (visit with Hygienist)£39.00N/A
Additional Scale & Polish appointments (not covered on plan)£39.00N/A
Hygienist 1st Visit or per 30min£56.00N/A
Hygienist 1st Visit or per 30min£56.00N/A
Hygienist, periodontal treatment per 40min£75.00N/A
Restorations (eg. Fillings)
Silver Amalgam Fillings – Small£75.00£60.00£15.00
Silver Amalgam Fillings – Medium£93.75£75.00£18.75
Silver Amalgam Fillings – Large£131.25£105.00£26.25
Tooth Coloured Fillings – Small£75.00£60.00£15.00
Tooth Coloured Fillings – Medium£112.50£90.00£22.50
Tooth Coloured Fillings – Large£150.00£120.00£30.00
Pin Retention£10.00£8.00£2.00
Post Retention for fillings£45.00£36.00£9.00
Endodontics – Root Canal Treatments (includes instrument fees)
Extractions – Simple/planned£112.50£90.00£22.50
Emergency extraction£168.75£135.00£33.75
Extractions Surgical£225.00£180.00£45.00
Multiple extractions or very loose teethfee on time basis(Member discount will apply)
20% Discount
(Member discount will apply)
20% Discount
Porcelain Bonded Crown£493.75£395.00£98.75
Ceramic crown (Zirconia)£525.00£420.00£105.00
Gold crown£518.75£415.00£103.75
Refixing Crown (may require further retention – additional fee)£35.00£28.00£7.00
Post retention (Cast metal or Fibre)£65.00£52.00£13.00
Resin bonded bridge (one wing)£468.75£375.00£93.75
Resin bonded bridge (two wing)£531.25£425.00£106.25
Fixed bonded bridge 2unit£812.50£650.00£162.50
Fixed bonded bridge 3unit£1062.50£850.00£212.50
Ceramic-metal free fixed bridge per unit (tooth)£450.00£360.00£90.00
Veneers/ Inlays
Porcelain/ Ceramic Veneer£481.00£325.00£96.00
Refixing Veneer£45.00£36.00£9.00
Gold Inlay from –size dependent£325.00£255.00£70.00
Ceramic/ Composite Inlay from –size dependent£295.00£236.00£59.00
Full/Full Acrylic£943.75£755.00£188.75
Full upper or lower denture£625.00£500.00£125.00
Partial Dentures 1 – 6 teeth£525.00£420.00£105.00
Partial Dentures 6 or more teeth£600.00£480.00£120.00
Addition on tooth to existing dentures£60.00£48.00£12.00
Addition on clasp£60.00£48.00£12.00
Reline on denture (per denture)£130.00£104.00£26.00
Adjustment of DentureFreeFree
Chrome Cobalt Dentures
Partial Dentures 1 – 6 teeth£875.00£700.00£175.00
Partial Dentures 6 or more teeth£950.00£760.00£190.00
Study Models£20.00£16.00£4.00
Cosmetic lab wax up£225.00£180.00£45.00
Professional Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening£350.00£280.00£70.00
Top up kits£70.00£280.00£70.00
Internal single tooth£185.00£148.00£37.00
Gum Shields (sports)£83.00£66.00£17.00
Sleeping Apnoea or night-grinding appliance from£250.00N/AN/A
Sedation (Intravenous)
Per Session£200.00N/AN/A
Dental Implants
Single tooth including implant, crown and radiographs£2100.00N/AN/A
Bone Grafting (GBR)£350.00N/AN/A
Multiple teeth / implant supported denturespriced per caseN/AN/A
Orthodontics – Braces
Non NHS Child fixed braces (upper and lower arch)
Metal Brackets£1650.00N/A
Ceramic (tooth coloured) from£2150.00N/A
Bonded Retainer from£150.00N/A
Specialist Orthodontics – Adult (upper and lower arch)
Full Assessment£100.00N/A
Ceramic Brackets£3500.00N/A
Upper Lingual (behind teeth) lower Ceramic£4500.00N/A
Upper and lower lingual from£5550.00N/A
Invisalign from£4200.00N/A
Six Month Smiles from£1950.00N/A

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