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Six Month Smiles can give you straight teeth in an average time of just six months with the added bonus of no metal braces!

Think about what you will be doing in six months time? Getting married? Having a big birthday party? School reunion? With Six Month Smiles we can make you smile even more on your special day by giving you straight teeth in just six months.

Six Month Smiles is a revolution in short term orthodontics specifically designed for adults in mind.  Six months smiles is similar to conventional orthodontics but uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires rather than silver metal ones. This clear brace system allows a whole range of tooth movements so is much more suitable for treating a large range of crowded teeth.

The revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought makes Six Month Smiles the best solution to other short term orthodontics.  It really takes into consideration what an adult wants from a brace:

  • No unsightly metal braces,  just a clear and tooth coloured system
  • No 1-2+year treatment, just an average time of six months
  • Straighter teeth that you’ve always longed for.

There are other systems that can be used that offer you invisible braces.  Our job is it offer you what we think is best for you.  If you are not suitable for Six Month Smiles, we will let you know and offer other treatments to suit your needs.

Many patients have been quoted for invisible braces or other systems such as clear (invisible) aligners. These are often slow, very expensive and have limited tooth movements. This is the same with many other aligner systems that claim to move teeth in very short times.

Give yourself confidence in your smile.

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