NHS Dental Care

We understand that patients want a choice. That’s why we offer different services to cater for individuals, from our NHS service, Pay as you Go Private service to our Practice Membership Plan service.

We have been providing NHS Care for decades and believe that we are excellent at our delivery of this service.

You still have to pay for your NHS treatment unless you are exempt/entitled to financial help. At each NHS dental appointment with us, it is your responsibility to show your dentist written proof if you are entitled to financial help with dental treatment. You must also ensure that the forms you sign at the practice are filled in correctly before signing to ensure your status for dental treatment is correct so you don’t incur a fine for incorrect information.

Also remember that if you go longer than two years without a dental appointment with us, we won’t be able to offer you further appointments.  Your next option could be to join a waiting list for new patients with us or another practice of your choice.  Waiting lists may not always be open and waiting times vary depending on appointment availability and demand. However, we do hope you remember to book appointments in good time with us and we look forward to seeing you soon.

NHS fees fall under a banding system. You can find out the banding system on NHS Choices website.

It’s your choice.

Give yourself confidence in your smile.

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