Nervous Patients

Nervous, anxious or worried about dental treatment?

We understand that many people are apprehensive about dental treatment. Some people fear the sound of the drill or injections in the mouth whilst others have an unspecific fear that can’t be explained. This is very common. We can help.

At Passage House Dental Care, we recognise these apprehensions and fears and will work alongside our patients in a calm and relaxing manner. All of our dentists would be suitable if you are apprehensive, just be sure to let the receptionist know that you are apprehensive or feel free to email with any questions ahead of your appointment.

Other Needs for Patients

We have also thought about other patients and their needs. For instance, we became the first Dementia Friendly Dental Practice in Bristol after we had an enlightening training session from Dementia Friends. We now have more of an understanding around dementia and how to deliver a service to meet some of these needs.

We can also book in appointments to suit the needs of patients who may have conditions such as Autism. We can recommend quieter times to come in where the noise level is reduced which leads to a calmer environment.

Please talk to us!

We would also be pleased to help if you know of any needs that we can cater for during an appointment. Please talk to us so we know how we can help.

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