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Q: What is a dental veneer?

Answer: Veneers are a bit like the teeth’s equivalent of false nails.  They can enhance the shape, colour and size of your teeth to give you a fuller, whiter and more balanced smile.  They are essentially thin ‘covers’ made from either a ceramic or composite material which is then laced on top of the natural and existing tooth or teeth, and they are designed to give you a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Q. How long do they last?

Answer: There are two materials used for veneering teeth:  composite and ceramic.  Composite is a beautiful material that is bonded to your teeth and can create a lovely natural result.  Composite can last very well, however this is dependent on how well you follow the aftercare guidance. Composite does require more maintenance than ceramic as it is not as strong, and therefore there are some clinical situations where you may be advised not to choose composite.

If composite isn’t used, ceramic is an option that can be discussed with your dentist before deciding upon treatment.  Ceramic can be a great long lasting solution for many people.

Q. Will my teeth need drilling?

Answer: It is rare that either ceramic or composite veneers can be placed onto teeth without any tooth preparation at all, as in most circumstances there will be some minimal surface preparation of your underlying teeth.  Gentle preparation is normal, safe and predictable and is unlikely to affect the health of your teeth.  Your dentist will be able to explain modern techniques to you and how they can avoid unnecessary damage to your teeth during dental veneer treatment.

Q. Would SmileFast by right for me?

Answer: Our dentists can assess if SmileFast is right for you.  Ask at your next appointment or email us to book a consultation.

Q. Do I have to be a patient at Passage House Dental Care?

Answer: No. This is a private treatment so you can have this treatment at Passage House Dental Care even if you are not a patient with us.

For any other questions please ask your dentist at your next visit or email us today.

Give yourself confidence in your smile.

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