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Look in the mirror. Smile.

Are you teeth not as straight as you would like?

We also now provide an ‘invisible’ brace option – ClearGuide. This system is designed for mildly crowded cases and will straighten front teeth in about 20 weeks. There are many invisible brace options. We will advise which is the best for you. Six Month Smiles in one excellent option, however if it’s not suitable for you then we have other options to consider. One great option is Clearguide. Clearguide Express is a simple, comfortable and invisible way to straighten your teeth with no wires or braces. The aesthetic clear material is easy to wear and is almost unnoticeable, meaning you can keep smiling even during the treatment.

It’s Comfortable

Clear Guide Express is removable and comfortable; it won’t impact on daily life. You can eat and drink whatever you like and brush and floss as normal. With no metal or sharp edges, Clear Guide Express is the comfortable option for a better smile.

It’s Fast

Clear Guide Express is tailored to you. Each movement is precisely calculated and built into a series of aligners to affect tooth movement in the most optimal way. This personalised approach offers a reduction in the amount of time you would ordinarily wear braces. You will wear each aligner for 2 weeks, and then move onto the next aligner, your teeth will make subtle movements week by week until the final prescribed position and your new smile is complete.

Can I make an appointment even if I’m not a patient of Passage House Dental Care?

Yes. If you’d like straighter teeth, then ask your dentist to refer you to Passage House Dental Care or refer yourself using the Patient Referral link to the right.

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